When Students Are Absent from Online Class, Professor Peña-Guzman Reaches Out to Help

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Photo of David Peña-Guzman smiling in front of a bookshelf wearing eyeglasses and wine-colored T-shirt

EDSURGE -- They might be on your roster, but they’re ghosting you. So what’s an online professor to do when students just aren’t participating?

That’s the question that San Francisco State University professor David Peña-Guzman is facing during the pandemic, when, as at so many colleges, his teaching has shifted online.

“I sent out targeted individual emails [saying] Hi Nancy. Hi Peter. Hi Eduardo. I am noticing that you haven’t posted and you haven’t uploaded any assignments. I just want to reach out personally to you to make sure that nothing is wrong. And if there’s anything I can do.”