Alum Lwepaw Kacher Provides Health-Care Outreach to Myanmar Refugees in Minnesota

Monday, August 17, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE -- As one of the earlier Karen people to move to the United States, in 1996, Kacher has long been accustomed to serving as a bridge for the refugees who followed her on their journey to escape persecution as ethnic minorities in Myanmar.

Now she’s employed by M Health Fairview as a “cultural broker” to serve as a navigator for her people — a service she never had as she adapted to American life on her own.

She went to Bangkok to further her education and won a scholarship to study in the U.S. in 1996. A year after she arrived, soldiers destroyed her old village and the rest of Kacher’s family moved to a refugee camp. Back in California, she earned her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts at San Francisco State University.