BECA Major Discusses How New Student Visa Guidance Will Affect Her

Monday, July 13, 2020

THE STAR (MALAYSIA)/MSN -- Phel Kaur, who is studying Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts at the San Francisco State University, said she had to make arrangements to leave the United States should things fail to pan out.

She said she would have a handful of face-to-face classes but for the most part, the fall semester would be online.

“My (room) lease ends this month and I’ve been looking for new housing but because of this new rule, which my university has not given us clear guidelines on, I am unable to make arrangements for a new place,” she said.

She is worried this could affect her graduation, saying that if she had to do classes remotely, she would have to manage with the odd timing and possibly have less access to resources.

“I think it is unjust on all levels. International students are victims of circumstances beyond their control. We did not choose this pandemic nor was the university’s decision to operate remotely in our hands,” she said.