Longmore Institute Associate Director Emily Beitiks' Perspective on Generational Caregiving

Thursday, December 06, 2018
Photo of Emily Beitiks

KQED-FM (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Sometimes the end of life resembles its beginning, but in either case we need others to help us through the basics of every day. Emily Beitiks has this Perspective. Beitiks is associate director of the Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University.

“My mother, who has had a disability since before I was born, recently moved in with me and my family. Well, to be fair, she’s moving into her home. After a bad fall broke her hip seven years ago and left her permanently in a wheelchair, the house was too inaccessible and she moved out, so we moved in. Now, with two pressure sore ulcers that refuse to heal, she’s no longer allowed to stay in her assisted living home, so my husband and I assumed her care needs. Doing so has been intense.

“Having two young kids at home under the age of 5 makes it especially challenging.

“But also, it makes it easier.”

Photo by Sreang Hok