Metallica Guitarist Kirk Hammett Attended SF State, Now Donates to Higher Ed

Wednesday, November 07, 2018
Photo of Kirk Hammett playing electric guitar

SF WEEKLY -- All Within My Hands has recently joined forces with The American Association of Community Colleges to help schools around the country in crucial need of economic support.

“The most efficient way for us to help them is to support their workforce education to help stabilize their local economies,” Hammett explains, “The plan is we’re going to select 10 community colleges in the first year, and we are going to distribute roughly $1 million evenly across them.”

Hammett, who briefly attended community college in Richmond before transferring to SF State, understands the importance of quality education, explaining, “Once you have an education under your belt, you come out a changed person. It just changes people in a very powerful way. We’re really trying to help people who are aspiring to do truly great things, and they just need that extra something to make it all possible.”