Focusing Attention on Former Student Mark Andrew and His Remarkable Light

Monday, October 29, 2018

IN PARK MAGAZINE (MILWAUKEE) -- “On any project, whether it’s a show or a ride, the lighting design is the glue that holds everything together – and holds everything apart,” said Mark Andrew, founder and principal of Remarkable Light, based in Los Angeles. Mark has been a lighting designer in themed entertainment for more than two decades. He trained at San Francisco State University and the Studio and Forum of Stage Design in New York City.

Mark explains the impact lighting design has on our experiences: “Initially, its purpose is to guide the attention of the audience, add dimension to scenes, and to work in tandem with the story to create a fully realized experience. Lighting design brings that intent into the physical realm. In theater – where the flat scenery is lit in a way to make it appear multi-dimensional (and backdrops provide depth, time of day, and create a mood) – the scenery is held away from the actor with backlight and sidelight. Light is also used to tell the audience exactly what to look at and when—and, almost as importantly, especially in attractions, what not to look at.”