Poetry Center Hosts Award-Winning Queer Writers

Thursday, September 20, 2018
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Both writers are masters of their voice. Knowing how to manipulate it into what they think and feel in their everyday lives as gay men and artists. “For me, I’m really interested in what some of the younger writers are doing. Because there’s a lot of activity, a lot of vitality in what they’re doing. Both these guys are incredibly prolific writers, I mean they’re just at it and totally into it right now.” said Steve Dickison, the director of The Poetry Center and Creative Writing professor at SF State, when asked about the significance this event held for The Poetry Center. To Dickison, poetry can be used as an active outreach to greater connect the diversity of students and faculty on the campus. “There’s kind of a lot of direct communication in a lot of ways… and the musical aspect of poetic language I think is something that draws people in,” said Dickison.