Relationships Formed on Air at KSFS Radio

Friday, September 14, 2018

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- When asked about the radio community at SF State, Magallanes beamed with smiles. “It’s such a welcoming community, everyone has been so helpful. Everyone’s supporting each other, they all want to be on each others’ shows, everyone’s shouting everyone out,” Magallanes said. “I’ve met a lot of people just because of my radio show.”

Many BECA students lean towards the major and radio to be freely expressive and not tied down to only talking about news. Magallanes started out studying to be a news broadcaster but eventually veered toward radio production.

“I leaned toward radio broadcasting because I wanted to input my own opinion rather than stating facts, the news and what’s going on,” Magallanes said. “Rather than reporting on these things that are super heartbreaking, I wanted to report on things that I’m super passionate about.”