Time’s Up for Mahatma Gandhi in Lecturer Anne Galjour's New Play

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Photo of Anne Galjour and three actresses in Get Gandhi

SF WEEKLY -- The particulars of #GetGandhi’s plot points are informed by this political moment in time. Galjour draws a circle around the events and places them inside of a time capsule marked with today’s date in large, indelible ink. Her dialogue contains the snap and zest of buzzwords from the current zeitgeist. What lends the play its pathos is the playwright’s knowledge of Bay Area history. Galjour, a lecturer in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University, has lived in San Francisco since the late 1980s.

When Helen and her husband Bob (Howard Swain) talk about the possibility of losing the rent-controlled apartment they’ve lived in for 35 years, it’s their experience as struggling artists in the city that adds verisimilitude to the play. In addition to her critique of changing economic and political realities, Galjour bears witness to the city’s past as a haven for the counterculture.

Photo, from left: Anne Galjour; #GetGandhi stars Patricia Silver and Jeri Lynn Cohen; and director Nancy Carlin. Photo by Julie Schuchard.