Stockton's Filipino Community Honors Late Professor, Author Dawn Mabalon

Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Photo of Dawn Mabalon in front of a fence

KTXL-CHANNEL 40 (SACRAMENTO) -- Mabalon was born and raised in Stockton and was an associate professor of History at San Francisco State University, specializing in Philippine and Filipino American history.

“The sense of arts and culture always was with her as she grew up and she became more actively involved with the Filipino causes,” said Val Acoba.

Acoba had known Malabon since Dawn was around 10 years old and watched as she graduated from Edison High School before becoming the co-founder of the Little Manila Foundation in Stockton. Mabalon also wrote two books about Filipino American history, including Filipinos in Stockton.

“She will always be remembered for being positive and spreading the news about Filipino culture and Filipino Americans,” Acoba expressed. “I think she touched many, many, many people and these people will carry that spark on.”

Photo by Jeremy Keith Villaluz