Stone Foxes, Founded at SF State, Play Aggressively on Stage, Share Social Consciousness Off Stage

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Photo of The Stone Foxes quintet holding a painting of Captain Ahab

MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY -- What began a decade ago when two brothers dabbled in The Rolling Stones, Zeppelin and watched The Band’s epic film The Last Waltz over and over as students at San Francisco State has blossomed into one of the city’s most socially conscious, prominent young rock bands, well-rooted in the past yet assertively looking forward.

The group does a few choice covers like Slim Harpo’s swamp rock classic “I’m A King Bee” and Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer,” but this is an almost entirely original setlist, replete with ’60s-style social protest lyrics with all cylinders firing.

“We moved to San Francisco precisely because of its rock ‘n’ roll lineage,” founder and lead singer Shannon Koehler says. “Things are kind of screwed up these days, and our generation needs to be the one to buck the system and create positive social change.”

Photo courtesy of The Stone Foxes