Professor deSoto's Photographs of Napa on Display at Art Museum of Sonoma County

Thursday, July 19, 2018
PRESS DEMOCRAT (SANTA ROSA) -- After putting together an ambitious fire-related project, Nathanson and the museum staff returned to his original idea. Last May, a new exhibit titled “Time and Place” opened at the Sonoma County Museum of Art in downtown Santa Rosa, and continues through September 23, featuring work by four artists that deals with human impact on the environment and how a place changes over time. “All four artists — Kim Anno, Donna Brookman, Lewis deSoto and Andrew Moore — address the theme from their own unique perspectives,” Nathanson said. An artist of Cahuilla Native American ancestry based in Napa and Los Angeles, deSoto has been a professor of photography at San Francisco State University since 1988. The majority of deSoto’s work has been in the media of photography, sculpture, and installation. The “Time and Place” exhibit includes his large-format photographs of places throughout Napa taken at different times.