Professor Pahnke: Trump Wrong on Dairy Policies

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Photo of cows grazing on a dairy farm near windmills

THE CAPITAL TIMES (MADISON, WISCONSIN) -- Anthony Pahnke grew up near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and graduated from University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2004. He is vice president of Family Farm Defenders and an assistant professor of International Relations at San Francisco State University. His op-ed addresses the U.S. dairy crisis and President Trump’s agriculture policies.

“President Donald Trump is wrong on dairy because he supports free trade,” Pahnke writes. “At first, this may appear incorrect, especially with the trade disputes over tariffs with China and the European Union. Despite such views, his position on agriculture — dairy in particular — is entirely different, taking a page right out of the free-trading Democrats’ economic playbook of the 1990s.”