Boots Riley Received His First Record Deal While Attending SF State

Thursday, June 28, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- It’s Boots Riley and Sorry to Bother You day on The Big Event! Riley and Lakeith Stanfield drop by the San Francisco Chronicle to talk about the movie, Riley’s early decision to pursue music instead of filmmaking and pay tribute to Pam the Funkstress.

“I went to San Francisco State for film. And I was also doing music, and we got a record deal at the time,” Riley says. “And I quit doing film. ... Most of the people [at San Francisco State] at the time were doing more experimental or documentary. Most of them, not everybody. And the people that you knew that graduated and did something big was like, they were working for [Industrial Light and Magic], which is not making your own film. So getting a record deal, that was closer to making my own art and being able to the thing I wanted to say.”