Summer Jobby Job: San Francisco State Studying, Farina Working

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

MISSION LOCAL (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Mission Local: Are you all students or doing other stuff on the side?

Nina: We’re students at SF State. I’m studying International Relations and politics.

Mission Local: What’s a lesson you’ve taken out of this job?

Evan: Know what you want to work with. You can either have corporate structure, like always the same shit every day, or if you have a crazy schedule like me, you deal with the loosey-goosey, do-what-you-can, cool management, very inconsistent though. You can end up with a lot of heavy stuff on your plate. Overall, I like this better, because I’m not super confined.

Nina: I think of it as a little different than other jobs that I’ve had, for sure. Sometimes it can get crazy, but I like [that there’s] less restrictions.

Mission Local: What’s your dream job?

Evan: I’m a theatre major, so I’d like to act. It comes into play here when I have to put on a happy face, to just act happy no matter what. The whole menu’s pretty much in Italian, so I just act like I know what I’m talking about.