Student Seira Yasumatsu Places Third in Stanford Longevity Center's Design Contest

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

MEDICAREFUL -- The Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge announced its 2017-2018 winners last week. After narrowing down to eight international teams, the judges picked three winners. This year’s theme was “Promoting Lifelong Healthy Habits through Design.” The theme’s goal is to optimize senior resource for healthy living through the use of design.

Want to garden, but find that your age or disability is keeping you from achieving this? That’s exactly what San Francisco State University’s entry, Gather, combats. The device not only helps seniors to garden, a healthy activity for your mind and body. It’s also designed to encourage social interaction, which further promotes mental health.

The device is a movable cart that can take the form of a walker, seat, or storage unit for gardening tools. You can reconfigure Gather to suit your needs and help you garden effectively. The team chose its name to encourage seniors to gather around the device and engage with each other.