Diversity in Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble Brings Students Closer to Home

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- For many students, this Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble brings them closer to culture, different genres of music, friendships and overall a better college experience at SF State. The ensemble started in 1999 and has been delivering excellence throughout the years. The group has been lucky enough to work with such acts as Orquesta Aragon, Israel “Cachao” and Benny Velarde, all powerhouse names within the genre.

For Lizbet Cruz, a music education major, the group gives her a sense of her home life with her parents.

“It’s hard being away from home, especially not seeing my parents for a very long time so joining the Afro-Cuban Jazz ensemble makes me feel closer to my family in Southern California and Mexico.”