Unplanned Effects: Art Alum Catherine Schmid-Maybach

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

RENO NEWS-REVIEW -- Sometimes she shoots photos while driving. Sometimes she lets clay crack and “do what it does.” Catherine Schmid-Maybach is not exaggerating when she says she prefers not to be in control of every aspect of her work.

Schmid-Maybach is a ceramic sculptor who makes fragment-like wall plaques that she transfers photos onto. She has been working on the plaques for about five years. She’s also made small chairs and ceramic figures dressed in images.

Schmid-Maybach uses layers of laser transfer, ceramic glaze, clay and decals to transfer images to the plaques. This technique takes multiple firings and lots of patience.

Schmid-Maybach received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts in Oakland. She later received her Master of Fine Arts from San Francisco State University. She has had artist residencies in India, Cuba, Hungary and Spain. These days, she makes her artwork at Wedge Ceramics Studio and at her home in Reno.