Professor Tuman Comments on California Governor's Race

Monday, November 27, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Targeting the front-runner with negative ads is nothing new in politics, said Joe Tuman, professor of political and legal communication at San Francisco State University.

“It’s not surprising when two candidates go after whoever is leading, even without talking with each other, because they recognize that ... taking Gavin Newsom down a few pegs will help both of them,” he said. “The bottom line is get some name recognition.”

While it might seem early to move into attack mode for an election in June, time is running short in the equally important battle for money and viability, Tuman added.

“For donors, the motto is ‘Don’t back no losers,’” he said. “Donors don’t want to give to someone who will finish second, third or fourth, but to someone who will win. ... That’s why it’s important to look like a viable candidate.”