Professor Mabalon Writing Children's History Book on Labor Hero Larry Itliong

Friday, November 17, 2017
INQUIRER.NET (THE PHILIPPINES) -- Mabalon says it has been her privilege to have gone to the best universities and have access to resources and networks. “My way of honoring manong Larry’s sacrifices and the sacrifices of my family who came over and worked the fields is to tell their story.” She has been doing research and writing a biography of Larry Itliong for the last three years. The project has proved challenging in the face of limited time and resources on top being a history professor teaching three full classes at San Francisco State University. “I had a sabbatical to start working on it and a little bit of research money, but with a project like that I would need, ideally, a year to write with lots of travel money since all of his [Larry Itliong] papers and the UFW papers are all in Detroit,” says Mabalon. “But I have enough research done to write a children’s book.”