SF State Experimental College Makes Its Second Go-around

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The Experimental College is being restarted within the Political Science Department this fall semester with four courses being taught by students.

This pilot revival program was inspired by the college’s first run at SF State back in 1968, where students designed courses that they wanted to be taught and formed an untraditional way of teaching.

Following that same model, Lecturer Kathy Emery — who has been instrumental in bringing the program back to life — worked with four students as they prepared to teach a class that they felt wasn’t being represented.

“The four courses that are being offered this semester come out of the individual student’s passion [and] concerns, and it’s not being taught to their satisfact[ion] in the regular curriculum,” she said.

The four student teachers, Alisar Mustafa, Ben Feldman, Cesar Plascencia and Ray Larios, all worked with Emery on their curriculum over the summer after submitting a proposal.