'Laramie Project': Show Went On in School of Theatre & Dance

Thursday, October 26, 2017

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Kyle Williams, a theatre major acting as Aaron Mckinney, was proud of the production and the crew for how the show turned out.

“Having the first weekend of our run canceled was a huge bummer, but I feel like we definitely made the best of what we had for our run,” he said. “The audiences were amazing every night.”

As the team warmed up together for the last time of the production, some of the actors began to tear up while they spoke of the camaraderie created within the cast.

Vanessa Hill, stage manager for the show, lead the cast through it all. As they all held hands in the warm up circle, the cast shouted for her to join the group.

“They were all such naturals when they came into audition; I truly did enjoy [being stage manager],” she said. “The whole ride was an amazing experience.”