Advising Resource Center Provides Free Workshops, Study Space to Students

Wednesday, October 04, 2017
Photo of students working in Advising Resource Center

Early in his college career, Carlos Rios was struggling. He didn’t know where to turn for help and considered dropping out. Luckily, he found the College of Liberal & Creative Arts’ Advising Resource Center (ARC).

“Advising, for me, changed my whole career in a way,” Rios says in a new video feature produced by the College of Liberal & Creative Arts’ Communication Team. “It helped me realize what I love learning and that I can continue to learn. …

“In the ARC, they do make it feel like a safe space. Right off the bat, I felt comfortable,” says Rios, a Liberal Studies major.

At the ARC, students can get help with petitions, choosing classes and a wide range of advising topics including probation, educational resources, scholarships, student records and honors.

The center’s computer lab features 12 Dell PCs and four iMac computers. Each computer contains the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Creative Suite and IBM’s SPSS software. The lab and center also have 16 seats and desks intended for use by students with laptops.

The center’s advisers place an emphasis on offering excellent, one-on-one service to all students.

“I encourage students to think of the bigger picture, which includes what your interests [are], what your gifts are, and to not be afraid to take challenges,” ARC Academic Adviser De Vaughn says.

The center is located in the Humanities Building, Room 112. It is open 9am – 5pm weekdays. Contact the center’s staff at 415-338-1486 or

— Matt Itelson


Advising Resource Center

Video and photo by Roger Habon

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