Professor Oscar Guerra: Representing Roots through Storytelling

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- In honor of September being Hispanic Heritage Month, an assistant BECA professor at SF State is producing two documentaries about immigrants in collaboration with the San Francisco Giants.

“The Giants are trying to show their audience how inviting they are; that sports are a great way to find community and what best way to do it than with powerful media,” Oscar Guerra said.

Professor Guerra was invited by Lecturer Antonio Ayala to produce two mini- documentaries with him. The subjects are Tito Fuentes and Erwin Higueros, who are now the radio announcers for the Giants. They are also Latino immigrants. The documentary, Estación de mi Gente, will premiere in September.

BECA major Jessi Fry says working with Guerra has encouraged her to take creative risks. “With his guidance and his constructive critique of my work. … I’ve become not only a better student, but a better artist,” said Fry.

“Find your passion and use your classes and your professors as an excuse to achieve that,” said Guerra. “Here in the BECA Department we are committed to our students; that’s what I love about this place.”