Activism, Artistry Intersect for Alumnae Nellie Wong, Genny Lim

Wednesday, September 06, 2017
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Activism and creativity can blend to become both beautiful and haunting social commentary, which is no truer than in the poetry work of two SF State alumnae. Nellie Wong and Genny Lim are Bay Area natives who have promoted themes of equity and equality throughout their illustrious careers. They spoke at an August 31 reading at SF State’s Poetry Center. Wong began writing poetry in her 30s while working as an office assistant and attending SF State classes at night. She feels the activism in her writing comes “natural,” citing SF State as a helpful springboard. “Certainly my being at SF State and taking poetry writing and courses in Asian American studies and feminism, etc. all kind of welled up into this not only enjoyment but the beauty and necessity of writing and using poetry as a way to express my thoughts, my views, anything personal and political as well,” Wong said.