Student Dancers Audition for New Moves Showcase

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Senior Dance major Vanessa Kurrasch will be co-choreographing this semester. Kurrasch said she will only take six dancers for her piece.

“No two dancers are the same. Each one has a style; the artistry is different,” she said as she observed those auditioning.

The dancers chosen will have to work hard over the next couple of months to be ready for the show in December. To keep them on track, instructor Ray Tadio will oversee the process.

Tadio is instructing the class this semester for the third time. He’s working primarily with student choreographers to prepare their pieces, and is excited about the possibilities that will come from his new team his expectations are high.

“I’m most excited to see their ideas come into fruition,” he said. “They have worked harder and longer this year and they are quite organized.”