Professor Barón, Students March Against Fear

Friday, July 14, 2017

EL TECOLOTE (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Last January, as The P***y Grabber entered the White House and became the 45th president, I was entering my class at San Francisco State University, where I would be teaching a course called “Oral History and Traditions,” in the Latina/o Studies Department.

I had a good plan for the semester. After all, I had successfully taught that class a few times, over 10 years, before transferring to a different college, where I taught theater. I had 40 students, mostly young women, 99 percent Latina/o.

The main focus for the class became planning to participate in the May 1 “A Day Without Immigrants” march near the end of the semester.

The students would be invited to help to create giant paper-maché puppets and butterfly wings and attend on and off campus march and chant rehearsals. Before deciding to go ahead, I asked the students to vote whether they wanted to take part in the march. The vote was unanimous, in favor of participation.