Professor Tuman Discusses Donald Trump Jr.'s Use of Twitter

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

CNET -- Trump Jr. using Twitter to share the information marks an unusual level of disclosure considering the White House is under investigation for possible collusion with Russia over the elections. Trump Jr., with 1.8 million Twitter followers, has taken to the same medium that's helping his father spread his messages and got him elected as president.

However, it remains to be seen if that strategy will work to the son’s advantage, said Joe Tuman, a professor at San Francisco State University and a political analyst for KCBS Radio. Trump Jr. is borrowing a page from his father’s playbook by speaking in “half-truths,” until pressed to do so, Tuman believes.

“Trump Jr.’s hands were tied and he was forced to do something,” Tuman said. “He thinks maybe it’s better to speak through Twitter and not talk to reporters because if he’s posting and not interacting, they can’t grill him with questions. We all have a lot of questions that deserve answers.”