Alum Beate Brühl 'the Michelangelo' in San Francisco's Mining Exchange Building

Monday, July 10, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- The German word for what she does is nine syllables long and translates to “field person in the trade of restoration,” which she shortens to “architectural restoration artist.”

To earn that title, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Art from San Francisco State and a zmaster’s in surface pattern design from Syracuse University. Then she went back to Germany to attend trade school and has 30 years in.

She also dabbles in album cover art, pretending the LP format still prevails. She draws imaginary covers for Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale. But her main canvas is the ceiling, and she arrives on the job with her own red hard hat with a mountain lion on the front and a tool kit with four sizes of brush and five colors of paint.