Professor Robert Smith Weighs in on Russia Collusion Congressional Hearings

Monday, March 20, 2017
KNTV-NBC BAY AREA -- A political expert from San Francisco State says it could be one of the most important congressional hearings in U.S. history. “This would do tremendous damage to the Republican party if there was even the slightest hint of any sort of collaboration with the Trump campaign,” says Robert Smith, a Political Science professor at SFSU. Smith says he hasn’t seen anything like it since Watergate. “I don't know what [Comey is] going to say, but this would be unprecedented to think that a president, sitting president, collaborated with an adversary, really, Russia,” Smith says. Smith says what happens in the hearing will help write history, and he believes Comey will be very careful about how he answers questions about spying and colluding with Russians. “I think he knows that if there is even the slightest suggestion of that, he knows if there are signs that he’s doing that, it could cause disturbances not only in the country, but also the international community.”