Ensemble TrioPolis to Perform at SF State

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- There are plenty of ways for a group of young chamber musicians to make a name for themselves by traditional means. You play enough standard repertoire, and play it with conviction, and sooner or later someone will take notice. But perhaps the more interesting path is to gather around you a group of like-minded composers and champion their work, as well as that of overlooked creators of the past. That’s the option chosen by Ensemble Triopolis, a young trio comprising violinist Felix Olschofka, clarinetist Kimberly Cole Luevano and pianist Anatolia Ioannides. The Texas group makes its first local appearance in a free concert at San Francisco State University, with an enticing program of music by San Francisco composer Benjamin Sabey, Costas Dafnis, Joseph Martin Waters and Gernot Wolfgang. The late Gian Carlo Menotti serves as the evening’s senior figure.