Professor Kobré Wins National Press Photographers Association's Top Honor

Friday, January 20, 2017
Photo of Ken Kobre

NATIONAL PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION -- The National Press Photographers Association’s highest honor, the Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award, will be presented in 2017 to two individuals for their commitment to the craft of visual journalism and to education that advances the profession.

Ken Kobré, retired professor of photojournalism at San Francisco State University, is the other Sprague honoree. He is the author of “Photojournalism: The Professionals’ Approach,” now in its seventh edition. It has been the textbook for countless college students who were in their beginning stages of developing their understanding of the profession. He is also known for a new book, “Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling,” as well as innovations in other areas, such as Lightscoop and the VideoPro Camera App.

Established in 1949, the Sprague Award is the association’s most prestigious honor. It recognizes individuals who advance and elevate photojournalism by their conduct, initiative, leadership and skill, or for unusual service or achievement beneficial to photojournalism and technological advances. It honors Joseph A. Sprague, a press technical representative for the Graflex Corporation, who is credited with designing the Big Bertha, Magic Eye and Combat Camera for the company as well as dozens of improvements and refinements to the original Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5 camera, which was once the press industry standard.

Photo by Scot Tucker