Faculty members John Calloway, Carlos Baron Return with Mission Sound, Remixed

Friday, January 13, 2017
MISSION LOCAL -- “El Son,” a product of collaboration between the Community Music Center and a plethora of other musical and community groups in the neighborhood including local bands Soltron and Bayonics, has been shown before. But it’s back, with some additional elements meant as a nod to movements and people neglected in the first version. One notable addition is the venerable Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, who died August of this year and was widely assumed to be gay, though that assumption came with it own complications. Carlos Barón, director of “El Son,” is already developing the costume, voice and character he will don to slip into the shoes of “El Divo de Juárez.” The second “Son de la Mision” is also supported by 3 Lopez Productions, the company that was founded by “The Sheriff’s Wife” and actress Eliana Lopez and her brother. John Calloway, an educator in local schools and San Francisco State University, composed and arranged the music. Barón, who also teaches at SF State, wrote and directed the play.