Grad Student Kimberley Arteche Creates Remarkable Rhings to Connect Art, History, Culture

Thursday, December 03, 2015
Photo self-portrait of Kimberley Arteche

ASIAN JOURNAL -- No matter how much one diverts his or her path, the call to art is strong and will most likely take you to the road to creativity. For interdisciplinary artist Kimberly Arteche, she realized that after she got really restless while she was pursuing a medical/nursing route. She eventually ended up getting a degree in visual arts/photography from University in Maryland in Baltimore County and is in her final year for her Master of Fine Arts at San Francisco State University.

“I don’t think my family is aware, but I think I was born with creative genes,” she shared. “As I’m learning more about my parents, I’m starting to uncover more and more about the legacy of creatives in my family.”

Her next project will be in April 2016 for the San Francisco State University M.F.A. Thesis Show at the SFSU Fine Arts Gallery.

Photo: Kimberley Arteche. Untitled, from the Ta,Too project. 2013. Mounted Archival Inkjet Print. 24 inches by 18 inches