Going Inside 'Inside Out" with Pixar Producer, Cinema Grad Jonas Rivera

Tuesday, November 03, 2015
TOON ZONE -- When he was a student at San Francisco State University, Jonas Rivera saw a screening of “Luxo Jr.” and was so impressed that he cold-called Pixar to ask about a job. An unpaid internship to work on Toy Story led to his lengthy tenure at the company, as he’s moved up from that internship to production assistant to production manager to producer, while also providing the voice of Boost in “Cars” (both in the movie and the tie-in video game). Jonas Rivera’s latest credit is as the producer for “Inside Out,” his second producer credit alongside director Pete Docter (the first being 2009’s “Up”). “I have no punch line here other than it’s part of our process to kind of trudge through this mud until we put it back up as a motion picture,” he said. “Sometimes it’s on story reel or sometimes it’s on rough animation until it starts to feel right.”