Alum Jose Antonio Vargas: Congress' Disarray Linked to Changing U.S. Demographics

Monday, October 12, 2015
POLITICO -- We talked with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, formerly of the Washington Post (and — proud full disclosure here — my former journalism student at San Francisco State University), who drew a crowd of hundreds at the Politicon in LA this weekend. “The whole ideas of whites as an emerging racial minority is something we have been dealing with in California … but now, it’s creating a panic attack” in the rest of the country’’ — and especially in the House, Vargas told Politic. “Is any wonder ... that, in some ways, is the last bastion of white heterosexual privilege.” The disarray in Congress “is completely connected with the changing demographics of America — of which California is ground zero,’’ he told us. ”Look at the GOP in California. This is not the (former CAGOP Gov) Pete Wilson party of the 90s, which passed Prop. 187,’’ the controversial anti-illegal immigration measure credited with turning millions of Latinos away from the GOP.