Alum Chuck Shidan in 26th Year as Sanger High Football Coach

Thursday, October 08, 2015
SANGER HERALD -- Chuck Shidan still enjoys the thrills of Friday nights even after all his years on the field and its combination of excitement, pressure and nerves. “There’s pressure only if you make it,” said the Sanger High head varsity football coach. “I don’t get nervous anymore because I learned there’s not much you can do about it. I used to get a lot more worked-up about it. But now I stay calm. I try to relax and make sure I enjoy the game.” Sanger High principal Dan Chacon said Shidan is important to Sanger and Sanger football because he genuinely cares about every student who puts on a football uniform. “It’s more than wins and losses,” Chacon said. “It’s more about life stories and getting ready for life. He prepares these kids to take on the challenges once they leave the football field.” He attended San Francisco State University and received a degree in History.