Alum William Kutana Designs Costumes and Clothing

Thursday, October 01, 2015
ECHO NET (AUSTRALIA) -- William Kutana is a costume and fashion designer who has been working in the field since completing his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts from San Francisco State University. After completing a diploma of fashion and certificate in costume at Wollongbar TAFE in 2012 he worked with Northern Rivers Performing Arts on the original production of “Railway Wonderland” and as costume adviser on developmental works. In 2013 he featured as one of the top designers on the reality TV show “Project Runway Australia,” where he showcased his first collection. “The story takes place over three different eras: modern, ’70s and ’40s,” Kutana says. “My inspiration comes from the fashion trends of those times, specifically the ’40s when people used to get dressed up more when traveling. The natural train station setting is inspiring and magical so I want to transport the audience into a dreamlike wonderland into the past.”