Student Guitarist Sean Thompson Plays on Heartstrings

Thursday, September 03, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “Where words fail, music speaks,” is the quote Sean Thompson, 22, lives by. Thompson, an SF State Music major with an emphasis in composition, said he was excited about his career in music, and is constantly pushing himself any chance he has to be a better musician. But life outside of performance halls and concerts was different for Thompson during his youth. He was raised an only child in the mountainous region of Yankee Hill, about 40 minutes away from Chico State, and growing up, he had a lot of time to himself, he said. Before Thompson picked up the guitar at the age of 9, he struggled with being overweight and isolated himself with video games. “Music taught me how to communicate better,” Thompson said. “Before, I was just an observer and a nerd. I loved playing an instrument because it gave me confidence and placement in social situations.”