Lecturer David Lee Discusses Opposition to Pot Dispensaries in San Francisco's Sunset

Monday, August 17, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- “Their batting average is 100 percent in the Sunset — that’s pretty impressive,” said David Lee, who teaches Political Science at San Francisco State University and is executive director of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee. Lee, who said he does not have a position on the issue, said opposition in the Sunset is rooted in traditional Chinese attitudes toward illegal drugs and the fact that the neighborhood boasts more families and homeowners than other parts of San Francisco. “It’s an outlier,” Lee said. Even though the neighborhood may not be known for its grassroots activism, he said its vociferous pushback on marijuana “goes to issues around family. A lot of Chinese families revolve around their children and their education. A lot of families perceive that a medical marijuana facility might be a negative influence on their children.”