Stone Foxes Formed in SF State Residence Hall

Friday, June 26, 2015
THE BAY BRIDGED -- Spence eventually went to San Francisco State, seeking not to further his music education but to pursue design. In the freshman dorms, Spence met Aaron Mort. “Aaron was playing the open mikes in Mary Ward (Hall). I was playing by myself in the dorm room.” Spence approached him about working together. James Marsugghi was Aaron’s roommate, and the three of them eventually formed a band called Grit. Shannon came to State shortly after and Spence asked him to joined the band. (“Was it that Mom felt bad for me or that you wanted [me to join]?” Shannon asks). When they emerged in 2008 with their self-titled album, they were hailed by blues aficionados as rare young revivalists of the genre. They hit their popular stride around 2010, with the release of Bears & Bulls.