Students Draft Ballot Initiative Calling for More Tech-savvy Government

Monday, June 08, 2015
Photo of Political Science students and Adjunct Professor David Lee

SF STATE NEWS -- The assignment David Lee gave San Francisco State University students in his American government class was straightforward: find examples of effective uses of technology in government. But the result has far exceeded his expectations. More than 150 of Lee’s students have embarked on a grassroots volunteer campaign to get a measure added to the November ballot that would make it easier for the public to interact with San Francisco government online.

“The classrooms of today are nothing like they were 30 years ago," Lee, an adjunct professor of Political Science, tells SF State News. “If you take the student experience and apply it to government, you see how far behind it is in terms of technology. How can we bring government to the people? That is what these students are working to figure out and make happen.”

Photo: courtesy of San Franciscans for Open Government