Alum Ananda Bena-Weber Makes Impression with 'Fancifool!'

Thursday, June 04, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- When it came to finding a title for her new solo show, which includes drama, comedy, clowning, singing and film, Ananda Bena-Weber just wasn’t sure. There are multiple characters and themes, but one word kept coming to mind: fancy (as in “flights of”). The San Mateo native finally settled on “Fancifool!” because, as she says, it conjures daydreaming and joyfully free-associating. After graduating from San Francisco State University, Bena-Weber headed for New York because people, after hearing she was a performer, kept asking, “When are you going to New York?” Now, ironically, Bena-Weber returns to San Francisco for the world premiere of “Fancifool!” at Z Below through June 14, and discussed the show from her New York home.