Lecturer Allen Biggs Presents Unique Music at Moke Hill Festival

Tuesday, June 02, 2015
Photo of Allen Biggs

CALAVERAS ENTERPRISE -- Biggs has invited a group of musically inclined friends to Calaveras County for the inaugural Mokelumne Hill Music Festival, which promises a relaxed and intriguing collection of performances. The festival runs from June 5 to 7, with a couple of free daytime events and other paid concerts at night.

“In a sense, this festival is a dream of merging my two worlds,” said Biggs, a percussionist from the Bay Area who teaches at San Francisco State University. He has also been part of the orchestra for the musical “Wicked” in San Francisco.

“My hope is that festival attendees will come away fascinated by having been exposed to something new, something they have never heard or seen before,” Biggs said. “There are already plenty of music festivals, and good ones. I want to bring fantastic new music to the Mother Lode, repertoire not heard in the foothills, and played by fantastic performers.”

Photo courtesy of San Francisco Lyric Chorus