Lecturer Ann Robertson Discusses Labor Issues in Bernie Sanders' Presidential Campaign

Tuesday, June 02, 2015
COUNTERPUNCH -- In their latest opinion piece, Philosophy Lecturer Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer discusse labor issues related to Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign: “Sanders’ campaign for president within the Democratic Party has posed a challenge for the anti-capitalist left in the U.S.: Should his campaign be endorsed? Two parties within this radical left current have stepped forward, and while agreeing on many basic points, have reached opposing conclusions. The International Socialist Organization has argued against endorsing the Sanders’ campaign while Socialist Alternative has chosen to endorse. “The points of agreement between these two parties are numerous. Both point to a multitude of progressive positions Sanders has promoted: he wants to raise taxes on the rich, create green jobs, make it easier for workers to unionize, raise the minimum wage, he defends Social Security, calls for a single-payer health care system and the list goes on.”