Grad Student Shan Jiang: Childhood Redeemed

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- When Shan Jiang came to America from Dalian, China she was envious of American children who grew up playing with their siblings. Because of her traumatic childhood being neglected by her parents and not allowed to play with certain friends, she recreated her memories by making toys to play with. Jiang, a Master’s student in fine arts with an emphasis in installation art, has lived a lonely life because of China’s One Child Policy in 2007. “I play with them and give them ugly names, because it represents how I felt as a child, not beautiful,” Jiang said. “I am no longer lonely any more because I have my toys.” Jiang created a 2-D dimensional drawing of a sea world and wants to install a 3-D installation experience including her toy jelly fish, turtles, and fish for other children and adults to walk through.