Traumatic Brain Injury Changed Alum Bryan Logan's Life

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
BUSINESS INSIDER -- The accident couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I was in the last weeks of fall semester of my senior year at San Francisco State University and taking 19 credits of classes. By the time I was discharged from the hospital, I'd have two weeks left before finals. I was miserable and in pain and weak from all that time in the hospital. But I put on my toughest face and got to work. It took a couple all-nighters and several deadline extensions, but I turned in every assignment, took each final and finished the semester, albeit completely wiped out. I’m not sad I suffered a brain injury. It only stoked an already burning fire in me to be the best version of myself. I no longer wonder what could have been if I wasn’t hit by a car. It just reminds me of this: If I can survive all that and still thrive, I can do anything.