Alum Joe Louis Walker: Out to Preserve Continuity of the Blues

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
DETROIT FREE PRESS -- From 1975 to 1985, Walker performed nothing but gospel, playing and singing as a member of the Spiritual Corinthians while attending San Francisco State University, where he earned degrees in English and Music. In 1985, inspired by a Corinthians performance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, he returned to the blues and sent a tape to Hightone Records, which released his debut CD, “Cold Is the Night,” the next year. Since then Walker has been bringing the music of his life to people around the globe, putting off requests that he write down the story of his life and his philosophy of the blues. “I’ve been asked on more than a couple occasions to put my story down,” Walker said. “I think that sometime, when I get a break, I’ll do it. But anytime I think about doing it, something new happens.”