Alum Andrew Kalleen Arrested for Singing in New York Subway Station

Thursday, March 19, 2015
BROOKLYN EAGLE -- Musician Andrew Kalleen, 30, has become a prominent voice for buskers citywide — and not just his singing voice. As previously reported by the Eagle, Kalleen was arrested in October 2014 while singing on a subway platform. Kalleen and two other musicians have filed suit, contending that the city has “failed to sanction or discipline police officers … who are aware of and subsequently conceal violations of the constitutional rights of citizens.” During his stay on the West Coast, Kalleen studied composition at San Francisco State University. While his musical influences have expanded to those including Nina Simone — “the high priestess of soul”— he has carried the desire to sing along with him to New York. “That is my main goal in music — to learn how to sing,” he said. “The last three or four years I’ve spent really working to free my voice.”