Student Nick Pourfad Builds Custom Guitars from Busted Skateboards

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
KPIX-CHANNEL 5 (SAN FRANCISCO) -- SF State Industrial Design student Nick Pourfard is only 23, but he’s already carving out his own niche in the world of custom instruments. The avid skateboarder founded an eco-friendly woodwork company, Prisma Guitars, after a bad ankle injury sidelined him from skating for six months in 2011. He decided to learn a new craft and begin creating products, thereby merging three of his hobbies: guitar-playing, skating and woodworking. “I didn’t know a single thing about it, where to start, what to do, what tools I needed. I then watched a million videos on YouTube about every step on how to make a guitar start to finish,” he tells XPress, San Francisco State’s magazine. “I would watch it like two times and be like, ‘Okay let’s do it.'”